by Hedonistic Exility

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Recorded, mixed & mastered at Chaotic Productions in Kyiv, Ukraine between June 2012 - August 2015.


"Overshadowed" lyrics:

Let me pass through humanity’s worst nightmares, as your glory darkest radiance attracts my essence – because my sacred choice is to be a brand put on life of yours.

I am a follower of all-absorbing cult – cognition religion.

Informational abyss shall feed me and fill even the vacuum which is intended for feelings to the creatures similar to my kind.

Nothing distinguishes me from the machine as I have got no emotions or experience – I’m just a pure calculations stream.

Information shall keep a machine inside the man.

We are facing the upcoming moment of deletion, and I accept it without any pity, exactly like humanity through centuries.

Pointless carnage created by your will to get satisfaction of irrational needs in easy money and mind control.

Liars shall state this as an anti-human act. However, I would call the mentioned process an automatic replacement, or maybe an artificial, controlled, modern humanity natural selection.

In this case the most important shall be left, while unnecessary junk is abandoned forever by everyone.

Leave in peace what is going to depart from this beautiful world.

Only information shall live forever, and its excess shall help me while bringing the other part of the world to chaos.


released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Hedonistic Exility Kyiv, Ukraine

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